PRESS PLAY |> Dundee

Edinburgh Game Symposium (EGS) presents: Press Play |>

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Thank you to everyone who attended PRESS PLAY |> Dundee! Check out this wrap-up video of the event created by Richie Morgan (Cutscene Media):

Tickets £8/£5 + online booking fee

Sat 6th August 1:30pm – 6pm
Caird Hall, Dundee

As part of the Dare ProtoPlay Festival in Dundee, PRESS PLAY |> will showcase interactive game art productions featuring sonic installations and digital adaptive artworks, as well as indepth microtalk sessions with the artists and performers on their creations and projects.


Room To Play (Tinderbox Project) – Installation & Microtalk


14 artists teamed up with award-winning sonic artist Yann Seznec to create a weird and wonderful digital music playground filled with interactive playful sculptures. Try out the toys for yourself, followed by a microtalk with some of the artists who helped bring the production to life.

Room to Play blog (Jaime Cross)


Dance of Whispered Truths (Mantra & Niall Moody) – Demo & Presentation


Film, games and media music band Mantra have teamed up with games developer and sound designer Niall Moody on the live interactive game music production Dance of Whispered Truths – where audience members can control the band and visuals with a custom console in an aesthetic-generating game atmosphere and musical improvisation. Join us to create an interactive experience, followed by a short presentation on the development of the project with Niall Moody, and composers & Mantra leaders Luci Holland and David Jamieson.

Mantra video (Hidden Door 2016)

Dance of Whispered Truths blog (Niall Moody)

Mantra Twitter
Niall Moody Twitter

PATHFINDER (Christos Michalakos) – Performance & Microtalk

Pathfinder (2016) is an audiovisual performance-game for a solo drummer, exploring the synergies between multiple contemporary creative practices. The work navigates between music composition, improvisation, projection/light art and game art. At its heart lies a bespoke electro-acoustic instrument, the augmented drum-kit, used not only to provide the sonic content of the work in real-time, but also as a highly expressive game controller that interacts with an instrument-specific game. The musical instrument offers a much wider range of expressive possibilities, control and tactile feedback in comparison to a traditional general-purpose game controller, and as a result it affords a very diverse and nuanced gameplay performance. Live electronics, lights, projections and the drum-kit all make up the performance-game’s universe, within which the performer has to explore, adjust, navigate and complete a journey.


Christos Michalakos is a composer, performer, game designer and lecturer. His work explores the relationships between sound, space, games and bespoke performance environments. He has presented works and talked at a wide range of conferences and festivals including the London Jazz Festival (London 2015), Game Developers Conference (San Francisco 2015), ACM Creativity and Cognition (Glasgow 2015), New Interfaces for Musical Expression (Oslo 2011/London 2014), International Computer Music Conference (Ljubljana 2012), International Symposium on Electronic Art (Albuquerque 2012) and Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music (Belfast 2011/12). Before joining Abertay University in Dundee as a lecturer focusing on dynamic audio for games and digital media, he worked as lead audio programmer on software used in major films and games including Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, Far Cry 4 and Evolve. Having completed a BSc in Mathematics at the University of Crete in 2006, he moved to Scotland to pursue postgraduate studies at the University of Edinburgh. There, he gained an MSc in Acoustics and Music Technology, and a PhD in Creative Music Practice in 2013.

Photographs by Andrew Hunter


Photographs by Chris Scott