Edinburgh Game Symposium (2013)

This 1-day symposium examines the phenomenon and music of video games, both as art and entertainment, as well as looking at developments in current independent video game productions.

Game developers will be in open house, including Yann Seznec of Lucky Frame, Alexander Mathew of USC Interactive Media Division and others.

L.A. based composer Jeff Rona (God of War III) will be in interview, as well as a panel of video game composers including Jessica Curry (Dear Esther), Simon Hale (LA Noire) and others.

In the evening, the Edinburgh Film Music Orchestra will perform a concert.

The Edinburgh Film Music Orchestra is Edinburgh’s only orchestra devoted entirely to the performance of film and TV music.  For this event, the EFMO will be expanding its palette with music from video games.  The concert features music from Grammy nominated composer Austin Wintory (Journey), Jeff Rona (Asura), Jessica Curry (Dear Esther), Simon Hale and Andrew Hale (LA Noire), Robert Holmes (Gray Matter) and Jacob Pernell (Deep Blue Sky).  The orchestra is conducted by Yati Durant.

The event is presented by the University of Edinburgh in collaboration with the EIFF and New Media Scotland, held at Inspace.