June 27th & 28th 2014

Edinburgh International Film Festival

Guest Speakers Include:
Jessica Curry, The Chinese Room, Lucky Frame, and Vincent Diamante

Some of the best games developers, games music composers and sound designers from around the world will congregate in Edinburgh, Scotland on Fri 27th & Sat 28th June for the Edinburgh Game Symposium 2.0.  There will be two full days of presentations, workshops, discussions and performances focusing on the latest in games development and game audio. It is held in conjunction with the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

We are delighted that the symposium will be held in conjunction with Edinburgh International Film Festival again this year, and that the Edinburgh Film Music Orchestra will be performing again on the evening of Friday the 27th.

The event builds on the success of our first year, which featured a number of independent games developers and special guests, including keynote speaker and Hollywood-based composer Jeff Rona.  Talks ranged from why game developers do the things they do, why people play games and the power of emotions and narrative in game development.

This year we are expanding the symposium to a two day event.  Day will 1 host our developer/audio panel discussions, game festival, and concert & day 2 will be focused on smaller workshops in game development and audio.

Come along and let the games begin!