Edinburgh Game Symposium: AWEdio Jam

The AWEdio Jam was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who came out to jam. 🙂 Check out this wrap-up video of the event created by Richie Morgan (Cutscene Media):

Thank you everyone who came out to the AWEdio Jam! Here are some photos from the event, courtesy of Chris Scott:

AWEdio Jam


And listen to some of the projects created during the weekend, here (more to be added soon):

Click here to download one of the web-based audio projects!


*** Full weekend tickets are SOLD OUT. Apologies for any disappointment. There are limited tickets still available for the Friday night ONLY (talk with Will Morton). ***
Edinburgh Game Symposium presents
Fri 21st, Sat 22nd, Sun 23rd October | Roxy Assembly, Edinburgh

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Speaker session from Will Morton of Solid Audioworks (Friday evening) 
Speaker session and music tuition from John Broomhall (Saturday/Sunday) 
Adaptive Game Music talk from Helge Borgarts (Sunday) 

Friday Evening Raffle

All guests who have booked a ticket are automatically entered into a raffle sponsored by Krotos Audio, for the chance to win a copy of the Dehumaniser II software!


Krotos makes unique and exciting audio technology that makes sound design easier. Our hugely successful Dehumaniser line has been used in Hollywood blockbusters like The Jungle Book and The Conjuring 2, and in best-selling video games like DOOM and Killer Instinct.

In addition, Krotos is releasing a version of Dehumaniser for Game Audio Middleware, allowing previously designed sounds to be generated at run time, as well as other sound design tools.


Take part in a weekend hands-on creative jam for composers, musicians, sound designers, voice actors, and other audio professionals!
*** Full weekend tickets are SOLD OUT. Apologies for any disappointment. There are limited tickets still available for the Friday night ONLY (talk with Will Morton). ***
EARLY BIRD (available until Fri Sept 30th): £20 per person
Full price: ÂŁ30 per person
Friday only: £5 per person
PURCHASE TICKETS HERE (please make sure to also read the ‘Registration Info’ section below): http://awedio-jam-tickets.eventbrite.co.uk
Early bird pricing available till Friday 30th September!
Registration closes midnight, 20th October.
The EGS are hosting their first jam for composers, sound designers, musicians, voice actors and other audio creatives to team up and create dynamic and exciting sonic pieces in an artistic hive unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before!

AWEdio invites audio professionals to take the jam model to a new dimension and offers the chance to work and meet other creatives to interpret an exciting theme, learn new techniques, hone their craft, work with live musicians, and have an AWEsome weekend taking their skills to a whole new level.

We welcome composers, musicians, sound designers, sound engineers and voice actors, as well as other relevant creatives – amateur, hobbyist or professional levels are welcomed and encouraged. Participants must be 18years+.
We have 5 financially supported places available – please contact us at edingameinfo@gmail.com to discuss this option in more detail.

Twitter: @Edin_Game
The schedule may change slightly before the AWEdio Jam – ticket buyers will be updated with any changes!
Fri 21st October
5:30 – 6:30pm: Check-in and Team Assigning!
6:45pm: Hello! & Announcement of Theme
7pm – 7:45pm: Speaker – Will Morton of Solid Audioworks!
7:45 – 8pm: Raffle! Prize: Dehumaniser II (vocal processing software)
8 – 8:30pm: Mingle
Sat 22nd October
9:30am: Check-in
10:15am: Quick Intro
10:30am – 11:15am: John Broomhall talk
11:15am: Begin Jam!
1 – 2pm: Lunch
2pm – 6pm: Continue (building closes at 6pm)
Sunday 23rd October
10am: Check-in
10:15 – 11am: Helge Borgarts talk
1pm: Submission deadline!
1 – 2pm: Lunch
2pm: Presentation of work, and Community Vote
3pm – 3:45pm: Awards
4pm: The end!
5:30pm: Meeting at the pub and goodbyes
Register as a team, or individually and be teamed up at the AWEdio JAM!
Composers, musicians, sound designers, voice actors and other audio creatives are invited to join in – regardless of how much game or film scoring experience you may have.
On buying a ticket you will be asked the following information so we can prepare for the AWEdio JAM as best as possible. If you have any questions though please don’t hesitate to contact us at edingameinfo@gmail.com
* fields must be filled in
(For teams/individuals) – Lead team member/Your name*:
(For teams) Number of people in group (max 5 – for more people please contact us at edingameinfo@gmail.com first. If you’re registering as an individual enter 1)*:
(For teams) Names of people in group:
(For teams/individuals) If possible, please give a brief overview of your/your group music/sound backgrounds/skills:
(For teams/individuals) Do you play an instrument?:
(For teams/individuals) We will endeavour to have basic equipment on hand! However it helps to know what people can bring. Can you please let us know if you can bring any of the following – laptop/PC, soundcard/interface, headphones, etc*:
Do you have or are there any dietary needs and/or allergies in your group*?
We are committed to meeting the needs of all our guests, so please let us know if you or anyone in your team requires additional support and would like to be contacted, in confidence, to discuss support arrangements*:
(For individuals) Please let us know if you would prefer NOT to be assigned to a team*:
1. Do I need to bring my own equipment?
We will endeavour to have some basic audio gear on hand for everyone to share, such as monitors, microphones/cables, midi controllers – as well as live musicians for the chance to record real instruments! However we advise you bring any specific recording/composing equipment, instruments, and software/samples of your own that you would like to use, as well as your preferred workstation (laptop etc).
2. I’m a musician/sound engineer/voice artist interested in game and film music but I don’t have experience in the industry. Can I come?
Yes! All people with interest in music, sound, and audio creativity are invited to join us, regardless of your level of experience with music-for-media. The weekend will be about the process – creating, sharing skills, learning, and meeting other people. 
3. I can’t get there for check-in on Friday evening. Can I still join in on Saturday and Sunday?
Yes – we will be checking in teams and individuals on the morning of the 22nd also. If you can make the Saturday and Sunday then you will be able to take part and benefit from the jam. Join us on Friday night if you can though as we’ll get together to hangout and also will have an experienced industry speaker to inspire you for the weekend!
4. I want to register me and my buds but we’re a group of more than 5 people. Can we still come?
We want to allow larger teams as much as possible, but this is capacity dependent. Please contact us at edingameinfo@gmail.com with your group numbers and contact details to check with us first before registering.
5. I want to take part but I won’t be bringing any team members. How do I join in?
Register as an individual, and we will assign you to a team depending on your interests, skills and experience!
6. I’m an instrumentalist with no digital music skills. Can I join in?
If you’re interested in sharing your performance skills and learning from others – yes! All people with interest in music and sound are welcome. We hope to have people with backgrounds in performance and live music as well as digital composers, technical sound designers, and voice actors/specialists. Everyone will have skills to offer and share, and we will endeavour to balance teams as much as possible with a spread of abilities. We will also have team members on hand to assist with the work as well.
7. Likewise, I’m a technical sound engineer with no instrumental/performance experience. Can I join?
See question 6. above – yes!
8. I am under 18. Can I still join?
We may not be able to support young people fully in the jam, however please contact us at edingameinfo@gmail.com with your age, interest, and parent/carer’s contact phone number so we can look into ways of involving you or inform you of other opportunities.  
Please contact us at edingameinfo@gmail.com if you have a question that isn’t answered here.
Craig Conner and Will Morton, former members of the audio team behind Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto franchise, are Solid Audioworks – an audio production partnership offering a combined 30 years of ground and sound-breaking expertise. Their talent, passion and insight in game and film audio content includes score, dialogue, sound design and all aspects of movie post. We’ll be joined by Will on Friday evening for an inspiring discussion of his experience and projects!


John Broomhall is the composer of such iconic games as Transport Tycoon and X-Com, and contributed music to key Xbox One launch title, Forza Motorsport 5, recorded at Skywalker Sound.  His prolific career encompasses contributions to the music, sound and dialogue of dozens of other celebrated productions and he has held a number of senior in-house and outsourced management roles.

Broomhall has chaired numerous BAFTA Audio/Music Awards and sat on the BAFTA Videogames Committee for the maximum allowable years.  He regularly speaks/lectures about game audio at seminars, conferences and universities; he organises/chairs the annual Develop Conference Audio Track and writes for various publications.  He sits on the Editorial Board of academic journal The New Soundtrack and has served on Skillset’s Game Forum.  He advised on the National Occupational Standards for both Interactive Media and Sound and in 2009 was honoured with a Recognition Award by the Game Audio Network Guild of America.  In 2011, he gave the keynote address at the Audio Engineering Society’s conference in London and in 2013, co-founded Game Music Connect with composer James Hannigan.

He’s also a session keyboardist and loves playing live jazz.



Helge Borgarts is a German composer and producer. He started his career with Blue Byte Software, the developer and publisher of famous games like the Settlers, Battle Isle or Extreme Assault. As Managing director he set up sysis interactive simulations Germany, one of the first European companies developing online games.

From 2006 to 2013 he was CEO of phenomedia publishing gmbh, one of Germany’s best known developers and publishers of computer- and videogames, best known for the brand “Moorhuhn”. During that time he produced more than 25 games for all important gaming platforms.

Today he works as a freelancing producer, composer and lecturer. Since 2011 Helge is the program manager for games music at the renowned festival and conference for music in film and media Soundtrack_Cologne. He was speaker at events like the Transatlantyk 2013 Poznan International Film and Music Festival or the Austria Film Music Day, is a regular lecturer at German universities and produces live video games music concerts, e.g. with the Young Classic Sound Orchestra or the WDR Rundfunkorchester.

Working in the games industry for more than 15 years, he was involved in several projects as a composer and producer. He wrote several tracks for different independent projects and scored the soundtrack for the video game “Jade Rousseau – The Final Revelations”, which was recorded with big orchestra. He produced and contributed music to the game “Tiger & Chicken”, the game was awarded as Best Mobile Core Game at the German Developer Awards. Together with his partner Andreas Kolinski he scored the latest game of that brand “Crazy Chicken Strikes Back”.

Borgarts & Kolinski produced and scored trailers for developers and publishers like Stratotainment, Higgs Games or Crytek, as well as music for the Europe-wide attended and awarded projects of the German Paediatric Pain Centre about pain and migraine.

Helge works in MĂĽlheim an der Ruhr and DĂĽsseldorf.


Supported by Creative Scotland. Immense gratitude goes to our sponsors/partners: Creative Scotland, New Media Scotland, We Throw Switches, IGDA Scotland, The Sound Architect, Solid Audioworks, Krotos Audio, The University of Edinburgh/Edinburgh College of Art, Red Dog Music, Sonic Lodge, Focusrite, Novation